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Malcolm and Carole Einarsen Alfriend '69

Carole Einarsen Alfriend grew up with an appreciation of the rich cultural heritage passed down from her parents, Robert H. and Ruby N. Einarsen. She remembers fondly the stories told by her Irish mother of learning to cook with her Norwegian mother-in-law as well as the traditions passed down from her grandparents. When it was time to attend college, Carole's parents wanted very much for their daughter to attend Mary Washington. They were very impressed with the academic climate, the size of the student body, and the beauty of the campus. Robert and Ruby were exceedingly proud of the degree in economics that Carole received from Mary Washington. After graduation, Carole worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Va. where she met and later married Malcolm "Mac" Alfriend. Over the years Carole and Mac enjoyed traveling and have done a genealogy roots trip to the town in Norway where her family originated. Carole was strongly influenced by her father’s Norwegian family and ancestry. They endowed a scholarship in 2019 to support the study abroad experiences in Ireland or Norway and the study of Irish or Norwegian culture or genealogy.

Photo: Battlefield Yearbook 1969
Scholarships associated with Malcolm and Carole Einarsen Alfriend '69
  • Malcolm and Carole S. Einarsen Alfriend '69 Study Abroad Scholarship