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Constance Booth Logothetis ’61

Constance "Connie" Booth graduated from Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia in 1961 with a degree in chemistry. Her father was a career Army officer and, as such, the family was afforded the opportunity to live in several eastern U. S. states and post-World War II Germany. Trips to other western European countries were made in those formative years (8th - 10th grades), which opened up her already growing desire to see more of the world. After graduation from MWC, she and her college roommate set out on their grand tour of Europe, via Eurail Pass and Arthur Frommer's Europe on $5 a Day, for several weeks. Upon her return, she began her job at the Dupont Company in Wilmington, Delaware. There she met her husband, Anestis "Andy" Logothetis, a native of Greece, whose family lived there, leading to more travels with their two kids, Elaine and Mike. The value of living abroad was solidified by Mike, who spent a gap-year in Holland as an AFS (American Field Service) student, and a college semester in Spain, learning the languages of both countries. Connie, as a volunteer with AFS, including her family's hosting of a German boy, saw the growth of the foreign students who came to the United States. Through the creation and funding of this scholarship, Connie wants to encourage future generations of Mary Washington students to study abroad. The experience of learning new cultures, languages, and the way of everyday life beyond the United States, while young and open-minded, is the gift she hopes to convey to every recipient. Photo: Battlefield Yearbook 1961
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