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Katherine Mayo Schmidt '49

Katherine "Kate" Mayo Schmidt was a member of the class of 1949 and received a Bachelor's of Arts degree with a major in English. She met her husband, Bill, when he was still in the Navy following World War II. Bill and Kate settled in Houston, Texas, where Kate earned her master's degree from the University of Houston. She taught for many years in the Houston Independent School District, with a focus on English and literature, moving on to become a counselor for Milby High School where she ran the testing and ESL programs. Kate was an avid reader of literature, American history, politics, and mysteries. She was a formidable grammarian and crossword master, an excellent bridge player, with an amazing memory for poetry and was known for her quick wit. Kate and Bill were generous philanthropists. Having made an important donation at his alma mater, the University of Houston, Kate wanted to do the same for MWC. She established a scholarship through a charitable gift annuity. Kate passed away in 2018. Her son, Billy Schmidt, is the scholarship family representative. Photo: Katherine Mayo Schmidt '49, Battlefield 1949
Scholarships associated with Katherine Mayo Schmidt '49
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