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Robert F. and Mildred C. Jarecke '46

Juanita Carpenter and her sister, Mildred "Mickey" Carpenter, grew up in Luray, Virginia. Both sisters attended Mary Washington College. While in college Juanita served as business manager of the Battlefield, secretary of the Leaders Club, and editor-in-chief of the Bayonet. After graduation in 1939, she was hired by the Federal Reserve Board as an administrative assistant and continued there until her retirement in 1985. She died in 1997 at the age of 80. Mickey studied philosophy and psychology in college, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 1946. She was employed as a certified social worker and continued to work after her marriage to Robert Jarecke, a professor at California State University, until the birth of their first child. The couple had two daughters and enjoyed golfing, traveling, and the theater. Robert died in 2006 followed by Mickey in 2013. Mickey's fondest memories were of her five suitemates, Mrs. Bushnell, Dean of Women, Hoofprints equestrian club, and the German club. She established this scholarship with the fond desire to assist future Mary Washington students to have a similar college experience. Photo: Juanita Carpenter '39, Battlefield 1939 Photo: Mildred "Mickey" Carpenter ', Battlefield 1946
Scholarships associated with Robert F. and Mildred C. Jarecke '46
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