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Robert Carr

Dr. Robert Carr and his siblings, Bill, Alicia, and Ken, established a scholarship to benefit talented music majors to honor their mother, Carolyn Ann Williams Carr '45, as a surprise for her 70th class reunion. Mrs. Carr was able to travel to campus for reunion and was thrilled with the gift of the scholarship. Carolyn was raised in Richmond and received a scholarship to attend Mary Washington where she majored in music. Her life has been greatly enhanced and many friendships forged during her time at Mary Washington. After college, she moved to New York to further her singing and professional career. She then married and moved to Florida where she raised four children. She retired to Florida and died in August 2018. Photo: Carolyn Ann Williams Carr '45, Battlefield 1945
Scholarships associated with Robert Carr
  • Carolyn Ann Williams Carr '45 Scholarship