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Diana Cowell '66

Diana Cowell established a scholarship in honor of her mother, Grace Cutler Hamilton, who loved the French language, culture and people. Mrs. Hamilton, a graduate of the University of Alabama, received her Masters of Education degree from the University of Virginia in June 1968. She spent her career as a French teacher at St. Mary’s Academy in Alexandria, Virginia and at Lee High School in Springfield, Virginia. While in college, Mrs. Hamilton participated in a study abroad program in France. Because of this experience, that of her husband, Lt. Col. E. S. Hamilton’s, WWII military service in France, and the Hamilton family’s time living and traveling in Europe, Mrs. Hamilton instilled in her children the extraordinary value of learning a second language and knowing other cultures. In retirement, Mrs. Hamilton provided French translation to her husband and other veterans on many trips to France and would read the French Douay version of the Bible everyday.
Diana Cowell values her experience at Mary Washington and wishes to provide students at her alma mater with an opportunity to become immersed in the French language and culture.

Scholarships associated with Diana Cowell '66
  • Grace Cutler Hamilton Scholarship for French Study