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Prince B. Woodard

Prince B. Woodard served as president of Mary Washington from 1974 to 1982. During his eight-year tenure, Mary Washington instituted significant changes in the campus life and curriculum. A strong leader, Dr. Woodard affirmed the pursuit of excellence as the core of his value system. Under his leadership undergraduate programs in environmental earth science, historic preservation, performing arts, computer and information science, business and public administration, as well as graduate programs in liberal studies, business administration, and public administration were developed. He also promoted the founding of the Friends of the Orchestra (now Friends of the Philharmonic) and encouraged the establishment of awards to students who participated in the orchestra. Photo: Prince B. Woodard, Battlefield 1975 OR, Prince B. Woodard, Battlefield 1982
Scholarships associated with Prince B. Woodard
  • Prince B. Woodard Orchestra Scholarships