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Frank M. Williams, Sr.

In his estate plans, Frank M. Williams, Sr. established a scholarship in memory of his late wife Pearl Bourne Williams. Pearl graduated from the State Normal School for Women, which later became Mary Washington College, in the early 1920s. Most students studied to become teachers, however, manual, household and rural arts were also taught.  Frank Williams, Sr. was born and raised on a farm. Although he never completed school beyond 4th grade, he strongly believed in the power of education. Through hard work and with the help of his wife, Pearl, he was able to produce a net worth sufficient to generously provide the Pearl Bourne Williams Scholarship in 1993. Mr. Williams' daughter in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Williams, is the family representative for the scholarship.
Scholarships associated with Frank M. Williams, Sr.
  • Pearl Bourne Williams Scholarship