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Thomas Tromley

Thomas Tromley established a scholarship in 1999 as a tribute to the memory of his wife, Ardiena Ann. Mrs. Tromley, along with her husband, had a strong interest in archaeology. Ardiena "Dena" was one of five daughters who left school and went to work at an early age to help support her family. As an adult she completed her G.E.D. and became a professional, participating in NASA's Apollo moon landing program and later, in the business worlds of engineering and computer science. She and Thomas always dreamed of taking part in an archaeological dig but were unable to do so. Mr. Tromley died in 2011 and his step-son, Kip Melchert is the family representative for the scholarship.
Scholarships associated with Thomas Tromley
  • Ardiena Ann Tromley Scholarship in Archaeology