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Louise Robertson '56

After graduating from Mary Washington in 1956, Louise Wilkes Robertson '56 went on to receive her doctorate in medicine from the Medical College of Virginia and was board certified in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. She was educated by a family practice scholarship and served both her residency and fellowships at MCV. Dr. Robertson was primarily a teacher throughout her career. She established an outreach program for pediatric cardiology and served as a patient advocate in clinics for indigent patient care. Until her retirement, she continued to run a clinic once a week for children and adult congenital heart disease patients. She believed that education is very important and she enjoyed teaching health education and considered it a privilege to do so. She established a scholarship at Mary Washington in 2006. Dr. Robertson died in 2017.
Scholarships associated with Louise Robertson '56
  • Louise W. Robertson, M.D. '56 Scholarship