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Alyce Amory Roach '42 and Gwen Amory Cumming '52

Alyce Amory Roach '42, with help from her sister, Gwen Amory Cumming '52, established a merit-based award in 1997 to support a worthy student majoring in business administration. The scholarship is named in honor of Mrs. Roach's parents, George and Alma Amory who gave so much throughout their lives to help others. Alyce Roach graduated in 1942 with a degree in business administration. Gwen Cumming received her degree in psychology from Mary Washington in 1952 and taught high school in Hampton, Virginia. Gwen Cumming currently serves on the UMW Foundation Board and Alumni Association Board of Directors. Alyce passed away in 2014. Photo: Gwen Cumming '52 (left) and Alyce Roach '42 (right)
Scholarships associated with Alyce Amory Roach '42 and Gwen Amory Cumming '52
  • Amory Scholarship