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Charles E. and Jacqueline Isbell

In 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Ed" Isbell established a scholarship in honor of Charles's mother, Myrtle, on her 90th birthday.  Myrtle Isbell was a member of the UMW Class of 1923.  At that time the school was called the State Normal School for Women and offered high school and professional courses. The school prepared most women to become teachers; however, students could study manual, household or rural arts.  Mrs. Isbell died in 1994. Ed's sister, Emily Isbell Ukrop, is a secondary family respresentative for the scholarship.

Photo: Eliza Myrtle Hollins Isbell '23, Battlefield yearbook, 1923

“Myrtle Hollins is still the meek, minor little miss she was ten years ago. She has made a success as teacher of Home Economics.“ – Class Prophecy, Battlefield yearbook, 1923
Scholarships associated with Charles E. and Jacqueline Isbell
  • Myrtle Hollins Isbell Scholarship