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Eileen Kramer Dodd

Dr. Eileen Kramer Dodd was a psychology professor at Mary Washington College for 44 years. She began her tenure at Mary Washington in 1926, becoming the first woman on the faculty with a Ph.D. According to a history of the college by Dean Emeritus Edward Alvey Jr., "She was very popular as a teacher," "Psychology was one of the outstanding majors at the college, and Mrs. Dodd kept up with her field by taking summer courses. She just enjoyed learning." Dr. Dodd also enjoyed teaching and made a tremendous impact on the lives of many of her students. Dr. Dodd served as an adviser to many student organizations and led a variety of faculty committees and activities. She chaired the psychology department for 18 years. In 1980, Mary Washington College renamed the former George Washington Auditorium the Eileen Kramer Dodd Auditorium. She was married to the late James H. Dodd, who was an economics professor at the college. When he died in 1969, she established the James Harvey Dodd Scholarship in Economics for a senior economics major who plans to go to graduate school. She also established the Eileen Kramer Dodd scholarship through her estate in 1998. Photo: Dr. Eileen Kramer Dodd
Scholarships associated with Eileen Kramer Dodd
  • Eileen Kramer Dodd Memorial Scholarship