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Janice Coleman '63 and Richard G. Allgaier

Ms. Janice Coleman '63 grew up on her family's farm in rural Campbell County, Va., and valued her Mary Washington education. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and dedicated her professional career to education. She established a scholarship in 2007 with Richard G. Allgaier. Her niece, Robin Coleman Elliott is also a family representative for the scholarship. Richard Allgaier is a native of Cliffside Park, New Jersey. The blend of having a mother who was a teacher and a father who was a banker provided the valuable background for recognizing the value of combining education and business to develop prudent management of finances, both personally and professionally. Mr. Allgaier spent his professional career with a number of Wall Street firms including First Boston Corporation, E. F. Hutton & Company. Having served as Controller of Middendorf, Colgate, & Company, he accepted a position with Security Pacific National Bank which was merged into The Bank of America. Mr. Allgaier then retired from Bank of America in 1993. Throughout his career, his gratifying endeavors included the times when he served in an internal audit capacity. After officially retiring, he was recruited back into the world of business to serve in an auditing capacity with Swiss Bank Corporation and also to assist in the launch of a business venture of an associate. Mr. Allgaier established a scholarship in 2016. Photo: Janice Coleman '63, Battlefield 1963
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